Terms and Conditions

By adding hedystia to your server you are accepting the terms of our service. Remember that you must also tell the users of your server about our terms. If you don't like our terms you have no right to put the bot on your server. These terms are effective from November 23, 2021 and were last updated on December 27, 2022.


It is forbidden to use hedystia against the ToS De Discord or Illegal Purposes, the developer is avoiding these activities as much as possible while trying to provide the best experience for users. If you find to a user or community that uses Hedystia against Discord ToS or even for Illegal Activities we will beobliged to block it from the bot If it finds any activity of the above mentioned please contact through the following link Hedystia Support Server

Additional Information

  • Access to the sections and features of the bot can be revoked and/or blocked for a specific time or permanently, for all specific users, at any desired time.
  • Hedystia is a bot there is no guarantee that it will continue to work in the future, we also do not guarantee that we will continue to use the same commands or the purpose of the bot can change at any time the developer intends it.